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Are online classical guitar lessons for you?

During this time of COVID-19, many students have been unable to continue their lessons in traditional music studios. Fortunately, the internet has come to the rescue. With just a few necessary items you too can take online lessons and start, or continue, your development as a classical guitarist. Also, focusing on something other than a virus might just improve your overall anxiety level. At least, we hope it does!

The basic equipment for most popular online lessons is as follows:

- Computer/laptop

- Reliable internet connection

- Microphone

- Webcam (quality matters. More about this later.)

- Speakers

Optional but very helpful items include:

- Headphones (to prevent feedback from speakers to mic and better sound detail)

- Printer (sometimes necessary, sometimes not)

Most online lessons are currently using either Zoom or Skype. Both seem to work very well if each person has a good internet connection.

Our preference in the past has been for Skype, but Zoom has been upgrading their software so now it is less of an issue which one is used.

More about the webcam

Unfortunately, most laptops come with poor webcams. Good webcams are not very expensive and can be found on sites like Amazon. I would highly recommend getting a good webcam as just about any webcam would likely be an upgrade from the poor quality ones included in most laptops. Some webcams even come with mics built in, which could be a plus depending on your setup.

We offer online lessons here:

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